About CaliLily Candle Company

How It All Started

In 2019 I became a nanny for a family and their neighbor happened to be a chandler. The neighbor and I became friends. When her business became busy that holiday season, she asked if I was interested in working for her while all of the kiddos were in school. I was interested so I gave it a shot. Little did I know I would end up falling in love with the craft...
Well, then came the pandemic.
Her family decided they wanted to move a few states away. We started talking...First there was discussion about me running the business here on my own until they returned in a few years. Then it turned into me buying the business from her and making it my own.
So there was 26 year old me, trying to decide if this was something I was ready for.
I finally decided I would buy it from her. But yet again, another obstacle. A certain website (which shall not be named on here, but you can also find us on this website) does not allow businesses to be transferred to new owners. Blahhhhhh!
Soooo the next plan was for me to still open my business but on my own, run both businesses until mine picked up, and then she would close hers. That's what I did. And let me say, holiday season 2020 was a living h*ll!  But so so worth it.
From there, the rest is history.

CaliLily Candle Company officially opened August 2020 and made it's first appearance at local markets in September 2020.

I absolutely love my little business and I hope you enjoy it too ❤️


What's Up With The Name?

It's simple. The Calla Lily has been admired by my family for generations. I wanted the flower to be a part of my company but also wanted to add some pizazz. I added "Cali" to the name to bring in my California roots. Then it was created...

CaliLily Candle Company


More About Maraya

I am from San Jose, CA. I went to school in DTSJ for most of my life but eventually graduated from Cal State East Bay with my B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and a minor in American Sign Language in 2017.
I currently work at an elementary school as a Special Education Aide but after school and during the weekends I love working on my small business. I am engaged to my handsome fiancé, Jose (yes mom, we promise we will get married soon). I have 6 fur babies but only 2 live with Jose and me - the other 4 happily live with grandma and her big backyard. Feel free to follow @Scootn_and_Tootn on Instagram to see our cool wheelie dogs!
When I grow up...I want to (eventually) graduate with my Master's Degree, get married and start our family. My hope is CaliLily Candle Company will strive through all of the different stages of my life and continue to be my -successful- "creative outlet".


My support group. You may also see them at markets ❤️