Our Recycling & Refill Programs

A Greener CaliLily Candle Company

We have been testing our recycling program for about a year now and local customers can agree it has been a great SUCCESS!

When you return your finished CaliLily Candles at any market, you'll receive a discount (credit) on your next purchase and we'll reuse the jars to make new candles.

    • Wax Melt Clamshell = $0.50 Credit
    • 4oz. Jar = $1.00 Credit
    • 9oz. Jar = $1.50 Credit
    • 16oz. Jar = $2.00 Credit


    * Recycled vessels will have a red or green marking on the bottom warning label. If you receive one of these vessels, please reach out to CaliLily_CandleCo@yahoo.com to provide us with feedback (good or bad) 🤍



    We Refill Your Vessels Too!

    Bring us your old candle vessels from ANY company and we will refill them for you!

    We typically charge 10-15% less than our retail price, depending on the size of the vessel(s) and quantity of vessels. Here's how it works:


    • Bring your vessels* to us at any market or email to schedule a meet up.
    • We provide a quote on the refill(s) and schedule a pick up / drop off date, time, and location. Please allow at least 2 week turn around time.
    • 50% deposit required at time of transaction.
    • We will contact you once your order is ready. At that time, we will confirm the originally scheduled pick up / drop off date, time, and location**. We will also confirm the payment method you'll prefer to use for the final transaction so we may prepare accordingly.
    • Remaining balance due will be charged at pick up / drop off. Please inspect all items before paying the remaining balance.
    • Please contact us immediately if there are any concern with your refills.


     * We do not refill vessels that were not previously a candle.

    ** We understand if original pick up / drop off date, time, and location need to be changed. Please, no more than 2 additional changes. If we are unable to successfully schedule a pick up/drop off after 3 attempts, the deposit paid and all products are considered forfeit to CaliLily Candle Company. 


    Last updated 4/14/2023